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3 Months Left On Server

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Some of you questioned about a 7 days to Die server.  It is currently running on what we have which may not be strong enough to handle it. We currently have a good deal on what we have at $53.97 every 3 months.  Upgrading to the next package would run $105.25 every 3 months.  The big difference is because everytime NFO offered a discount, I took advantage of them all and brought our costs way down.


The other issue is that nobody has been donating for almost 8-10 months with the exception of a few people.  We have just renewed our 3 months with the balance of donations left in the pot, and we are now down to $3.98 left.  If we don't get any more donations within the next 3 months and accumulate enough to renew, we will have to drop our server, and just get a Teamspeak server.


So I guess we will see where we are once we approach our next renewal date Nov. 2/16

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