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Modes of May: Feel the boom in Boomer Ball!

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Here comes the BOOM! Boomer Ball is live all weekend as part of Rocket League's Modes of May!

Popularized by the Rocket League community, Boomer Ball has fun with mutators and puts a high-flying, lightning-fast twist on 3v3 soccar. Boost amount is unlimited and is now 1.5x stronger than typical boost. That means it launches you farther and faster than the standard boost you're used to. The ball speed is set to super fast, bounciness is increased to super high, and ball physics are super light. Touch the ball and see just how far and fast you can launch it!

Enjoy Boomer Ball until Monday, May 18 at 9 a.m. PDT (4 p.m. UTC). Find it in the Boomer Ball tab in the Play Online menu. Check back next week when the Modes of May wraps up with Heatseeker! Have fun with Boomer Ball!

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