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A request for feedback regarding the in-game UI.

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Today we need your feedback regarding the development of our in-game HUD. Our dev team is considering two possible directions that we could take. We are asking the community for your opinions and feedback so we can make the most informed decision possible.

Please read the follow options carefully and vote in the poll that follows. You can also leave your opinions in the comments below. We must state that this is NOT a popularity vote, but a means to understand the needs and desires of the community. By working together, we believe that we can build and provide a better game experience for everyone.

A. Without having to open the inventory, the players should be able to check the availability and quantity of consumable items and grenades through the in-game UI.
  • As a competitive shooter, the player must have all information readily available to facilitate fast decision-making and focus on tactics and combat
  • Opening the inventory screen greatly reduces the player's situational awareness and hinders their ability to concentrate on the competition
  • The availability of this information allows low-level players to perform at a higher standard and provides greater accessibility to new players

B. Just as it is now, the players must choose when to open their inventory or preemptively memorize their own status.
  • As a realistic battle royale, too much information can detract from the immersive experience
  • Understanding the risks of checking your inventory during certain situations is part of the battle royale experience
  • The ability to make quick decisions based on the player's understanding of their current status, without relying on the UI, is one of many important skills in battle royale
  • A minimal UI in the game improves immersion, which in turn provides more enjoyable and intense moments

Please vote here: http://www.strawpoll.me/13456936

Once again, thank you for your help and for giving us your feedback!

See you in-game,


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