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  1. https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/playerunknowns-battlegrounds Key to be used on Steam.
  2. The forum now is setup to promote content to the .=QUACK=. Facebook page. You can promote recent posts or immediately promote a message you are posting on the forum.
  3. I have upgraded the forum to the latest version. It comes with a few new features which I am still trying to figure out. I have found a bug in setting up group permissions where I can't access it right now, but hopefully future updates correct this.
  4. Payday 2 is giving out 5 million free copies for a limited time. Grab yours now.
  5. Website: https://www.projectargo.net/ Click on 'Play Game' to download and you will have to allow Steam access to retrieve a free key and install on Steam.
  6. IP: chits3.ts.nfoservers.com Password: quackspond or IP: Password: quackspond
  7. I updated the list as of Feb. 11/17. I have also highlighted in green the top tanks if 50+%.
  8. To reduce the size of the chart, I am only going to enter the top 5 chosen tanks for each tier and type. I have all the tanks seen on a spreadsheet if anyone wants me to share it with you.
  9. Not a bad round. 8 kills and nearly 15,000 silver.
  10. I am keeping track of the tanks we come across in tournaments to see what the most common tanks are. Tier 1 Light Tank # Used % T1 Cunningham 5 36% Strv fm/21 3 21% R. Otsu 3 21% L.Tr. 2 14%
  11. Which Tanks To Choose: Heavy Tanks: Medium Tanks:
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