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PGC 2019 - Group Stage DAY 1 Recap

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The PGC is officially up and running at OGN Super Arena in Manhattan Beach! Today we witnessed the heavy hitters of Group 1 duke it out in their first step toward Global Championship glory!

Big Contenders


Group 1 featured a lot of established talent which produced a lot of measured and disciplined gameplay. The first Chicken Dinner of the day was served to OGN Entus Ace who maintained solid placing throughout the day. Faze Clan maintained an intimidating presence which included an impressive win in Match 2 using stellar map positioning. By Match 4 we saw Natus Vincere give us a preview of what could be to come for the Semifinals with solid team positioning that earned them the win.

On The Rise

VC Gaming game out of the gate swinging with a big push for kill points while Vendetta had a big day from eDGe who scored a sweet blow against Faze with a brilliantly tossed ‘nade. Ghost Gaming showed off strong map positioning instincts and intuitive team movement which earned them their fair share of points. Korea’s T1 also made some big plays today and even took the win for Match 3.

Honorable Mentions

Tempo Storm managed to deliver a win for North American fans in Match 5. They pulled themselves together under pressure. They’re hoping they can bring that kind of composure into the Semifinals.


Match 1 (Erangel)– OGN OGn Entus Ace
Match 2 (Erangel)– Faze Clan
Match 3 (Erangel)– SK Telecom T1
Match 4 (Sanhok) – Natus Vincere
Match 5 (Miramar) – Tempo Storm
Match 6 (Miramar) – Gen.G

Next Up, Group 2

Many of the usual suspects managed to secure their Semifinal spots today, however tomorrow could be a different story. Favorites like Team Liquid, Four Angry Men and Athletico will be taking to the Battlegrounds tomorrow to secure their place in the Semifinals. Keep an eye out for Genesis and their raw talent and Lazarus, on whom a lot of North American fans are pinning their hopes on.

The PGC continues tomorrow, November 9 at 5pm PT. Makes sure to watch with us at watch.pubgesports.com!

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