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PGC 2019 - IT’S TIME!

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The PUBG Global Championship is finally here. 32 teams from around the world are about to face off for a guaranteed $2 million USD prize pool that will continue to grow with the sale of PGC in-game items. There are two ways you can directly support the participants. First, 25% of the purchase from PGC items goes directly to the overall prize pool. An additional 25% will be split among teams during the Pick’Em Challenge.

The Pick’Em Challenge let’s you predict the winner of PGC and be rewarded with some exclusive prizes! Go to PGC 2019 tab in-game and predict the winner using voting coupons you get from making a PGC purchase or the free coupon you earned from your top 10 finish. Predict correctly, and you’ll take home the exclusive PGC Weapon Skin Set, which includes skins for the AKM, SCAR-L, Kar98k, Mini14, and the Pan. Read more about the Pick’Em Challenge here[pickem.pubgesports.com] or check out the Pick’Em Challenge[www.pubg.com] FAQ.


The first stop on the PGC journey is the group stage, which runs from now through November 10. To watch along and stay up to date on standings and stats, head on over to the official PGC Watch Page at watch.pubgesports.com.[watch.pubgesports.com] Team and player stats update in REAL TIME as matches progress, and you’ll also have quick access to the live map view and the full tournament schedule. The site is tuned for easy access to individual team streams and localized language streams so you can watch any way you like. You can also catch official PUBG updates and partake in community activities like polls and trivia.

In addition to the English main feeds and live map feeds on YouTube and Twitch, the PUBG Global Championship will be available in a variety of languages for fans around the globe. Read more info on the language list for live streaming here.[www.pubg.com]

Keep an eye on http://pubgesports.com/ for event updates, and be sure to stick around for the finals taking place at Oakland Arena on November 23rd - 24th. STAND UNITED!


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