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PGC 2019 - Broadcasting channels, schedule and more

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The final destination of 2019 PUBG Esports, PUBG Global Championship 2019 is almost here and will kick-off its journey in LA. Only one team will carry home the crown in the Golden State. In order not to miss out on a moment of the fierce combat, we’re providing as many broadcasting channels, languages and match stats as possible. The world will be watching, together.

Live Broadcasting Schedule
There are 3 stages in PGC 2019: Group Stage (3 days), Semifinals (3 days), and Grand Finals (2 days). All eight match days begin at 5:00 p.m. PST (2:00 a.m. CET and 10:00 am. KST the next day).

Group Stage
Begins with 32 teams in two groups of 16 and ends with eight teams eliminated.

  • November 8 – Group 1 Plays
  • November 9 – Group 2 Plays
  • November 10 – Elimination Group Plays

Begins with 24 teams in three groups of 8 and ends with eight more teams eliminated.

  • November 15 – Group A vs Group B
  • November 16 – Group B vs Group C
  • November 17 – Group A vs Group C

Grand Finals
Begins with 16 teams and ends with one PUBG Global Champion.


  • November 23 – Grand Finalists Compete
  • November 24 – Grand Finalists Compete

Global Broadcasting Channels in Multiple Languages
PGC 2019 Main Feed (English)

Plus, fans can maximize their viewing experience on http://watch.pubgesports.com, PUBG’s dedicated esports viewer with real-time player and team statistics, additional languages, and interactive livestream overlays.

The first plane of PUBG Global Championship will depart on Nov 8. Buckle Up!


In addition to English streaming, PUBG Global Championship is broadcast in various additional languages shown below.

Simplified Chinese Spanish
Traditional Chinese
Turkish (Grand Finals Only)

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