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  1. Get an exclusive patch and commemorate the occasion! Read more View the full article
  2. Nothing says "celebrate gratitude" like a mission for Cornucopia camo! Read more View the full article
  3. Have you obtained the vehicle during the pre-order event or in the recent Bounty Hunt? Time to enjoy your prize! View the full article
  4. Hey Survivors, Alpha 18 B143 Public Experimental is finally here, and Team TFP is extremely excited for this release. It’s bigger than Alpha 17 and is packed full of new content, bug fixes, optimizations, and balance. To Opt in: Select 7 Days to die in your Steam games list Right click and select properties Under […] View the full article
  5. The Tier VIII medium tank with The Offspring Crew and "Pretty Fly" Style offer ends Oct. 15! Read more Discuss on Forum View the full article
  6. Learn more about this upcoming Tier 10 progression Tank Destroyer View the full article
  7. Double your pleasure? Check-out Dev. Diaries for the latest on this feature! Read more View the full article
  8. The little monster — the Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J — is available for three days in a super-special bundle! Read more View the full article
  9. Double Crew XP and special missions for four days! Read more View the full article
  10. Earn Tank Mastery Emblems for the German Jagdpanther Tier VII tank destroyer and three other vehicles! Read more View the full article
  11. Head to the Wargaming Store for up to 30% off on T-34-85 merch! Read more View the full article
  12. Take your favorite US and Japanese ships out for a Pacific Theater throwdown! Read more View the full article
  13. Something special for serving members of the U.S. Armed Forces — here's how to verify. Read more View the full article
  14. We've partnered with ID.me to give exclusive rewards to US military veterans. Read more View the full article
  15. To help usher in WoT Salute, the historic U.S. Tier VII medium tank is available! Read more View the full article
  16. Don't miss out on rewards and bonuses! The details of how you can grab them are below. Read more View the full article
  17. Learn more about the bonuses, gifts and offers we’ve prepared for you! View the full article
  18. Get discounts on Tier X vehicles, Crew Training/Retraininig, and Skill Resets! Read more View the full article
  19. Four new bundles that include Styles, Emblems, and Inscriptions are now in the Premium Shop! Read more View the full article
  20. Command an entire army through Operation Bagration! Read more View the full article
  21. Rocket League is entering The Upside Down, and things have gotten … stranger. Netflix's award-winning Original Series, Stranger Things, has invaded this year's Haunted Hallows[www.rocketleague.com], and The Mind Flayer is preparing to make this a truly unforgettable event starting Monday, October 14. This Halloween, all roads lead to Farmstead (The Upside Down). This terrifying take on the once-whimsical Farmstead Arena is watched over by the maddening Mind Flayer, so make sure to look after your teammates. If you're able to make it out of Farmstead with full control of your own Battle-Car, you'll earn Candy Corn to be used in the Haunted Hallows Event Store. The store will have autumn-inspired items, plus some top secret wares developed by the Hawkins National Laboratory that will turn your Battle-Car creations up to Eleven. Take a sneak peak at some of the items below. Haunted Hallows featuring Stranger Things will go live following the October Update on October 14 and will run until November 11. Similar to previous in-game Events, there will be a three-day Redemption Period where you can use your extra Candy Corn in the Event Store. We'll see you in the Upside Down! View the full article
  22. : You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here. View the full article
  23. On the 10th of October, the server will not be available for an extended period of time in order to implement Update 0.30.5760 View the full article
  24. Some frighteningly familiar Operations are returning—it’s time to face your worst fears once again! Read more View the full article
  25. Learn more about the specifics of this kinetic shell sub-type View the full article

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