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  1. The STG Guard and STG Tier VIII mediums, and the Tetrarch Tier II light tank, are in the Shop! Read more View the full article
  2. Saddle up and prepare for a good old fashioned shootout. Twitch and PUBG are teaming up to bring Twitch Prime users another set of free skins! The Twitch Prime Gunslinger Crate includes western themed clothing and weapon skins to ensure you look the part whether it’s high noon or any other time of day. The Gunslinger Crate includes the following skins: Gunslinger’s Formal Hat Gunslinger’s Formal Jacket Gunslinger’s Formal Shirt & Vest Gunslinger’s Formal Pants Gunslinger’s Formal Boots Engraved R45 Engraved S686 This set is exclusive to Twitch Prime members and only available for a limited time, so claim yours before it goes away! You’re a daisy if you do. Note: If you linked your Twitch account with your PUBG account prior to 10/10/2018 you will need to re-link your accounts through PUBG’s updated Global Account system to continue to receive loot. Follow the in-game prompts to complete account re-linking.View the full article
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    Updates to the In-Game Shop

    Several new features are to be implemented this month. Read more View the full article
  4. Very soon you will have the opportunity to test the new gameplay of reworked aircraft carriers. Read more View the full article
  5. .=QUACK=.Bot

    Vehicles in Focus: T-72 Ural

    Learn more about this Tier 4 Soviet Main Battle Tank, now available in Armored Warfare! View the full article
  6. We've got the scary KV-2 (R) and M6A2E1 "Mutant" heavy tanks on sale just in time for Halloween! Read more View the full article
  7. .=QUACK=.Bot

    PC 1.0 Update #23

    Hey everyone, Today’s Test Server patch includes a brand new full-auto pistol, the new Conquest Mode Custom Game setting, improvements to custom games in general, and other bug and quality of life fixes. We’ve also given the Training Mode map a name and “Camp Jackal” can now be selected as a War Mode map in custom games. As always, this patch will deploy to live servers after testing is complete. While on the Test Server, only squad mode will be available to mitigate long matchmaking times. FIX PUBG Update QoL UI GUIDES: Added an on-screen key guide function which shows dynamic key guides depending on the game play situation (on by default, can change to off in gameplay options) Bug Fixes UNDERWATER: Fixed the issue where players could use weapons while swimming if they kept pushing the weapon equip button near rocks New Weapon: Skorpion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jz7UznH6okE Added a new handgun, the Skorpion The Skorpion spawns on all maps Single fire and full auto fire mode Uses 9mm ammo, it can load up to 20 bullets and 40 with an Extended Magazine Attachments: Sight: Red dot sight Muzzle: Suppressor Lower Rail: Vertical Foregrip, Half Grip, Light Grip, Laser Sight Stock: Stock for Micro UZI Magazine: Extended Magazine only Skorpion is also available in the Training mode. Have a fun! Lobby Patch Notes Added Patch Notes to the lobby. They can be viewed in a popup by clicking the Patch Notes icon in the top right. Videos included in the patch notes cannot be played directly in the client. When clicking on a video, an external browser will open to play the video. Note: This feature will be applied once the update is moved to live servers. Gameplay Decreased recoil of the P18C. We’ve toned down the opacity of the blue zone so that it less difficult to see through . Thanks to all of our players for the feedback you provided regarding this. Please share your feedback with us once you’ve tested the changes. Mitigated an issue where the blue zone’s opacity difference was too strong depending on the map and weather type. Before and after: Erangel Miramar Sanhok UI/UX Added an on-screen dynamic key map guide which changes based on the gameplay situation. Appears above the minimap. Set to “On” by default, but can be switched off in Settings > Gameplay. We’ve improved the control of wheel menu, making it easier for players to select items. We’ve improved the Page Up/Page Down reticle changing functionality of red dot sight, holographic sight and 2x/3x scopes. Selections are now on a loop, so players can press one button to cycle through the options. The name of the player being watched while spectating teammates, in observer view, or killer spectating will now appear in the top left corner of the screen. World Made fixes and improvements to Training Mode Optimized moving targets. Basic function is same as before but the appearance is slightly changed. Limited the maximum spawns of water vehicles (boat, aqua rail) to 2 This is a temporary solution due to a performance issue, we will implement additional improvements in the future. Reduced visual flickering of thin objects such as electrical wires. Performance Improved performance by mitigating an issue causing thin objects to flicker. Optimized particles in rainy weather. Supply System Survival XP can now be earned while observing teammates. This grants 50% less XP than while alive Anti-Cheat / Report Added the report player function to event mode games. By pressing “R” key when spectating, you can report a player who previously killed you. Players can report other players during a match by clicking the “Report” button on the death screen. Up to 8 recent players who killed you will be displayed as available to report. When reporting a teammate who killed you, the option to report for team killing will be displayed. You can only report a player once per match. Skin & Items Added multi-slot items as a new category. These are single piece clothing items that require multiple slots to wear (Torso and Legs, for example). If you try to wear a multi-slot item while wearing a single slot item in one of those slots, those items will be removed automatically. Changed the reset time of the weekly random crate to Tuesday 5pm PDT (UTC 0). Custom Match Added a new game mode, War Mode: Conquest This game mode sets two Platoons (up to 50 vs. 50) against each other to capture and hold objectives within an area. Your Platoon earns points as you hold these objectives and the team with the highest score wins. Multiple options, including capture area circle size can be adjusted in the match options. Added a few War Mode: Conquest related presets. A detailed guide for recommended custom match settings for this mode will be announced in a separate article at a later date. Replays are not yet available for War Mode: Conquest matches. This functionality will be added in a future update. Added the option to invite friends to a custom game Added an option to adjust damage ratios (from 0 to 500%) in custom game settings. You can adjust the head, upper body, lower body, arm, or leg damage ratio from bullets and melee attacks. You can also adjust the damage ratio from throwables. Corrected issue with default configuration settings for killer spectating and red zone in Esports Mode. Added “Camp Jackal” (Training Mode Map) as an available map for War Mode matches. Bug Fixes Fixed the issue where players could use weapons while swimming if they kept pushing the weapon equip button near rocks. Fixed some exploitable spots which allowed players to enter inside cliff faces. Fixed the issue where in FPP when character holding throwables or ready to throw throwables is moving facing the sky, his/her hand flickers and moves around. Fixed an issue which caused the screen to shake excessively when spectating or viewing the death cam of an opponent who was firing a weapon. Fixed the issue where when freefalling out of the plane and pressing particular movement keys, certain animations didn’t play correctly. Fixed the issue where the footstep sounds of players moving at low speed (walking when crouching) was not played to other players. Fixed the issue where when click the “Play” button, game was frozen in the lobby. Fixed the issue where world map and wheel menu could be opened at the same time. Fixed the issue where a spot at the back of the truck and buggy would block bullets. Fixed the issue where when plane flew around you, the sound of plane was not played. Fixed an issue which caused waves to not be heard momentarily after unmuting the game sounds. View the full article
  8. For this week's event mode, we're debuting something new to events. In Platoon Mode, you'll join one of 5 10-person squads that make up your Platoon. Normal game objectives still apply, except on a massive 50 vs. 50 scale. Loot up and coordinate to be the last Platoon standing! EVENT SCHEDULESTARTS: Oct 18, 7pm PDT / Oct 19, 4am CEST / Oct 19, 11am KST ENDS: Oct 21, 7pm PDT / Oct 22, 4am CEST / Oct 22, 11am KST AVAILABLE QUEUESTPP/FPP RULES Two teams (Platoons) of 50 players will fight in Erangel. Each Platoon is comprised of 5 squads, and each squad has 10 players. Players in your Platoon, but not in your squad, will have a blue circle above their head. Players in your Platoon, but not in your squad, are marked with a blue circle on the minimap. Other rules are same as public match. OTHER EVENT RULES 10-man squads only. Auto-matching is forced. Weather is set to Sunny. Red zones are enabled. General care packages are enabled. Killer Spectating is disabled. Friendly fire is disabled (Including Platoon members). View the full article
  9. Halloween is coming, so get prepared with these spooky wallpapers! Read more View the full article
  10. .=QUACK=.Bot

    Rocket League Roadmap: Fall 2018

    Hello everyone! We’re really excited to see that many of you have embraced "Competitive" Extra Modes[www.rocketleague.com] since we released the Season 9 Update last month. Each Extra Mode Competitive Playlist has twice as many active players (on average) than their Casual equivalents did. We’re just as happy to see that everyone is enjoying Rocket Pass, too, along with the new Clubs feature. It looks like many of you are really going after all the rewards and Pro Tiers that Rocket Pass has to offer (and remember: our first Rocket Pass will come to an end on November 26)! Rocket League’s full release in China is also fast approaching (but no official date announcement just yet); it feels great to deliver Soccar, and all that comes with it, to yet another region of the world. Our partners at Tencent are big fans of the game and have been incredibly supportive of our vision and goals. RocketID NewsBefore diving into what’s next, we have an update on RocketID, a feature that many of you are really excited for. While our goal was to release RocketID before the end of 2018, we’ve made the difficult decision to push its release into early 2019. The good news is that with Sony's recent announcements regarding full cross-platform functionality, we can now make additional changes to prepare RocketID for ALL platforms should we receive permission to do so! We’re working incredibly hard to ensure that it’s as intuitive, stable, and polished as possible, before releasing it to the world. We know the wait has been frustrating for many of you who are eager for this feature, and we thank you for your patience as we continue to work on cross-platform support. Xbox One X, Rocket Pass 2 and Frosty Fest 2018We have one planned update left for 2018, which we’re hoping to release in early December. For our Xbox One X players, your time has come! Enhanced Xbox One X support will be part of this update, complete with 4K at 60 frames-per-second and HDR support! We’ll have more to share on these improvements in the near future. December will also see the beginning of the next Rocket Pass with a new suite of items, along with another licensed premium DLC that will release around the same time. We will continue to watch, measure and update how Rocket Pass works and what rewards to offer moving forward, so please remember to tell us your thoughts on Reddit where you can continue to give us suggestions on what to improve! Finally, we have one more in-game Event to look forward to this year! Starting in mid-December, Frosty Fest 2018 will operate just like our currently-happening Haunted Hallows[www.rocketleague.com] Event; you’ll earn Snowflakes for playing matches online and redeem it for holiday-themed items, including a "Golden Gift!" Stay tuned later this fall for Frosty Fest start and end dates. Thanks for your support and please continue reaching out to us on Twitter and our Subreddit. We plan on sharing our Winter 2019 Roadmap Update after the holidays, with a focus on quality of life updates and fixes and, of course, RocketID. In the meantime, we hope to see you next month at the RLCS Season 6 World Championship in Las Vegas[www.rocketleagueesports.com]. View the full article
  11. Join the Dark Runners in their mission to wipe out hordes of the undead! Read more View the full article
  12. Get away from the TwitchCon show floor and unwind with Wargaming on Oct. 27. Read more Discuss on Forum View the full article
  13. Take a break from the convention crowd and join us for Happy Hour! Read more View the full article
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    Halloween: Scary Battles!

    On and under the water, the operations of 2016, 2017, and 2018—the stakes of battle have never been so desperate before! Read more View the full article
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    Maintenance - Global Server

    On the 18th of October, Armored Warfare will not be available for an extended period of time in order to launch the Global Server View the full article