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  1. .=QUACK=.Bot

    Ranked Battles Season 2 Ends

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  3. .=QUACK=.Bot

    MyLoot Discounts: T-72M2 Wilk

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  5. Starting August 17th, Twitch Prime members can get their hands on the Jungle Crate — the third set of exclusive PUBG crates available only with Twitch Prime. Take down your enemies whilst fashionably blending in to the wild savagery of the jungle — even battle royale survivors have to look good! The Jungle Crate contains 8 items, including two weapon skins: Croc Bite for the M16A4 and Bengal Blade for the SCAR-L. The full list of items in the Jungle Crate: Explorer Hat Tiger Print Bandana Explorer Coat Leopard Print Vest Explorer Knickers Leather Boots Croc Bite Weapon Skin Bengal Blade Weapon Skin Get out there and sashay down the wild jungle runway starting August 17th! Click here to get started.[twitch.amazon.com] View the full article
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  8. .=QUACK=.Bot

    Camo History: US Navy

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  12. .=QUACK=.Bot

    Vehicles in Focus: BMP-1

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  14. .=QUACK=.Bot

    50TP prototyp is On Sale!

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