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  3. Hey friends, Based on your feedback, we’re preparing to ship a number of changes to weapon balance and attachments very soon. We’ll save the exact numeric balance changes for the patch notes, but today we want to pull back the curtain a bit and explain our goals. According to our research, only a few specific types of weapons (ARs) are used in most situations. We believe the choice about which gun to use should be based on personal preference and its effectiveness in any given situation, rather than simply “which gun is strongest.” Our goal is to make it so no one gun will feel objectively better than the others. Alongside the weapon balance changes, we plan to make some changes to weapon attachments. Again, the goal here is to provide you with a wider array of attachment options so you can choose one that best fits your combat situation (rather than any one “best” attachment). Finally, expect some changes to the level three helmet. It’s a game-changing item that can impact the outcome of a match—basically, it gives you an extra life in situations where a headshot would otherwise kill you. We don’t want luck alone to determine who gets items like this, so we’re removing it from the normal loot spawn tables and limiting it to care packages only. We’ll test all of these changes on the test servers first. This is the first time we are attempting a balance patch of this scope. The plan is to keep tweaking and tuning each weapon over time, so we’ll need your help (and all your honest feedback) to get it right. Once we’re ready to push these changes to live servers, we’ll include all the specifics on the changes in the patch notes. With love, PUBG Corp. View the full article
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  8. This week’s event mode is an eight-man battle royale on Erangel. The twist? You can use flare guns to call down huge, heavily-armored UAZs. Check below for the full details, and let us know what you think about this mode! EVENT SCHEDULE STARTS: April 19, 7pm PDT / April 20, 4am CEST / April 20, 11AM KST ENDS: April 22, 7pm PDT / April 23, 4am CEST / April 23, 11AM KST AVAILABLE QUEUES 8-Man Squads on Erangel (All Regions) NA/EU/AS/SEA/OC : TPP & FPP KR/JP/SA : TPP FLARE GUN RULES Flare guns spawn randomly alongside normal loot locations (flare gun spawn spots are no longer fixed) When shot inside the safe zone (white circle), special care packages will be dropped When shot outside the safe zone, a special vehicle—the armored UAZ—will be dropped OTHER EVENT RULES This mode is limited to eight-man squads on Erangel, and you can invite up to seven friends. Auto-matching can be turned on or off (you don’t have to play as a full squad of eight if you don’t want to) The mode is limited to 96 maximum players (12 teams of eight players) Redzone is enabled Regular care package drops are enabled Killer spectating is enabled Bluezone rules are the same as standard public match settings Weather changes dynamically throughout each match View the full article
  9. Hi everyone, today we wanted to provide an update on our servers and server performance. This should fill in the basics of what’s happened over the last few weeks, how we are handling it, and steps we're taking to prevent these issues from happening again. (Note: To better understand what’s below: A server is the physical metal box in the datacenter that hosts several dozen server instances. A server instance is the “server” you play on during an Online or Unranked Match, represented by a name seen in the upper-left corner of your game when playing online -- USW734438, USW101-Aftershock, etc.) After the Tournaments Update[www.rocketleague.com] was released on April 3, we started seeing a bug that was causing several performance issues in both your game client -- the stuttering you may have seen when opening the Playlist Menu, for example -- and our servers. We fixed the bug in last Thursday’s v1.44 Hotfix[www.rocketleague.com] -- “Fixed an issue that caused stuttering in the game client when secure TCP sockets are closed down” -- but the change allowed a new server-side software issue to surface. This software issue, which appears to be unique to one of our server providers, was preventing the normal server instance restarts that happen either 1) on a timer, typically every 1-2 days, or 2) when a server instance hits certain triggers, like using too much of the server’s memory. With the automatic restarts not working properly, the servers took a sharp performance nosedive, leading to “lag” even when your ping was low, and poor performance for all players in a match regardless of their location or platform. Over the last few days, we have upgraded both the operating system and the control panel software on every single server we have with this provider. 99% of these software upgrades will be complete by the time you read this post today. These upgrades fix the software bug and also give us the level of control we need to better pinpoint and address issues as they come up. The server reboots associated with these upgrades give us a fresh perspective on the server instance data we're collecting from them. We’re also looking into server hardware replacements in some regions, which will take several weeks to complete and should be seamless in regards to server access. While we are confident in these updates and changes we’ve made over the last few days, we are continuing to monitor server performance and will take additional action when needed. Server issues like these are something we never want to see or have our community experience. It’s not fair to you and “fix your servers,” is not something we want Rocket League to be known for. We apologize for the disruption, and we appreciate everyone for sticking with us and being patient while we’ve worked through the problem. This is something we absolutely take to heart; it’s a top priority at the studio and has been for the last few weeks. Our affected server provider has been working with us around the clock to implement these software and hardware upgrades, and we have an internal group comprised of Infrastructure, Engineering, Analytics, Production and Community team members tracking this very closely. This group is also looking at the new expanded server data we started collecting shortly before the Tournaments Update went live and we hope that this new information will help us better track down and resolve server reports we previously couldn’t confirm. If you continue to experience issues while playing online, please let us know through our support team at https://support.rocketleague.com/hc/en-us or via @RL_Support on Twitter -- and we will take any details you can provide to inform any changes or additional fixes we need to make. Thanks, all! View the full article
  10. Learn more about "Frontline: Road to Glory" coming shortly after Update 1.0.1. Read more Discuss on Forum View the full article
  11. Two of the biggest names in sports-action entertainment are teaming up for 2018! Rocket League is now partnered with the daredevils at Nitro Circus[nitrocircus.com], one of the most thrilling brands in sports entertainment today! With shows[nitrocircus.com] all over the globe in 2018, you can expect to see Rocket League at all of Nitro Circus’ events this year, and we’ll be a part of some really cool giveaways at select shows down the line. But what would a partnership be without some friendly competition? Less fun, that's what! It's with that in mind that, throughout the year, we'll provide you with the opportunity to face off against some of Nitro Circus’ popular sports heroes in special Rocket League online tournaments! We’ll have more news on the online tournaments soon; until then, check out Nitro Circus on Facebook and Instagram[www.instagram.com] because you know you want to check out all the action! View the full article
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